‘Stuff it!’ Watch Al Roker SLAM Rush Limbaugh for his ‘polar vortex’ conspiracy theory

This Tuesday, Al Roker took to Twitter and slammed Rush Limbaugh for saying that the term “polar vortex” is being used by liberals to further their “global warming agenda.”



Appearing on The Today Show the following Wednesday, Roker pushed the issue, although not calling out Limbaugh by name this time. He pointed out that “a lot of folks” have been claiming there’s no such thing as a “polar vortex” and that certain pundits (alluding to Limbaugh) have charged that it’s some “left wing media conspiracy.”

Pointing out climate change denialist ignorance, Roker noted that meteorologists never use the terms “global warming” and “climate change” in conjunction with the term “polar vortex,” pulling out his college meteorology textbook to prove it.

“Okay? So for all the doubters out there, stuff it!” Roker shouted directly at Limbaugh.


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