Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Son to Make Headlining Speech at Anti-Gay Conference

According to an eye-opening report from today, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s son, Rev. Paul Scalia, will be one of the main speakers at the 2013 Courage Conference this Saturday — an event dedicated to promoting abstinence for people with “same-sex attractions.”

Scalia is the founder of Arlington Virginia’s Courage chapter and chair of its board of directors, and is scheduled to give a speech at the event entitled “Fearing the Lord … and Not Being Afraid.”

The Reverend Scalia has a history of making controversial remarks targeting gays, such as referring to homosexual acts as “disordered.” His anti-gay activism is noteworthy, since his father sits on the Supreme Court and is in a position to rule on issues relevant to gay rights, such as the recent DOMA decision, in which Justice Scalia dissented.

“[H]omosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. The word disordered means that such acts fail to observe the design and purpose of human sexuality. They lack the natural ordering to procreation. They also lack the complementarity necessary to achieve the union of two persons in one flesh,” Rev. Scalia wrote in a previous pronouncement. “[Homosexual acts] are always at all times immoral. No situation, circumstance or affection can make them moral.”

Scalia once claimed that if gay people remain celibate throughout their lives, they can avoid eternal damnation. This is an achievable task because according to him, there is “no scientific research that has established that homosexuality is genetic.”

Mark Joseph Stern of writes:

Of course, Scalia is absolutely, completely, positively, indubitably wrong on the science here. Scientists have overwhelming evidence that homosexuality is usually inborn, determined by some combination of genetics and conditions during fetal development. For instance, men with older biological (but not adopted) brothers are much likelier to be gay. But for Scalia, the third born of Antonin and Maureen Scalia’s sons and a priest, such scientific evidence is irrelevant to his own religious beliefs. Those convictions may well be inherited from his famous father, who has compared homosexuality to murder, polygamy, drug addiction, prostitution, and incest.


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