Suspect who plotted to kidnap Whitmer over strict lockdowns wants out of jail because he fears COVID

kaleb franks/kent county jail

One of the suspects charged in the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants to be released from jail because he’s worried about getting coronavirus, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Kaleb Franks says he’s a recovering heroin addict who has turned his life around. He has diabetes and takes insulin daily, according to his lawyer. If true, his alleged condition makes him especially vulnerable to the virus.

The 26-year-old defendant says that he can be trusted not to flee and that he is not a threat to society. The judge, however, has ruled that he is a threat to the community.

“According to testimony and court records, Franks was part of the surveillance operation outside Whitmer’s cottage and was one of five suspects who drove to a meeting hoping to buy explosives and tactical gear, only to get arrested in what turned out to be a setup by the FBI,” the Detroit Free Press reports. “But Scott Graham, a Portage attorney representing Franks, argues his client posed no real threat to anyone and deserves to be out on bond, maintaining that when Franks got arrested at the setup ‘he took $23, hardly a ‘down payment’ for anything.'”

Graham also rejects prosecutors’ claims that Franks could obtain firearms if out on bond since he allegedly manufactured two unregistered guns for the plot.

“But the facts show that Mr. Franks did not do any work to make a firearm. He did not have the tools or experience to do so,” Graham wrote.

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