Sydney Powell is banned from Trump properties: ‘Her problems don’t need to be Trump’s problems’

Sources speaking to The Daily Beast say “Kraken” lawyer Sydney Powell has been banned from certain Trump properties as the former President’s advisers look to keep her away from him due to her “unrelenting antics.”

From The Daily Beast:

… Powell’s conduct has somehow proven just a little too embarrassing for many of them—including, it appears, Donald Trump himself.

Two lawyers who currently work for Trump or in the former president’s inner orbit say they want absolutely nothing to do with her and have cautioned others in MAGAland to do the same. One said they’d recently deleted her phone number.

Two other people familiar with the matter said that ever since he left office in January, certain advisers and longtime associates to Trump have kept an informal shortlist of people who they should look out for, including at Trump’s private clubs or offices in Florida, New Jersey, and New York. The point of this roster is to intercept and possibly rebuff attempted outreach,visits, or phone calls from a handful of conservative figures who could bring the ex-president more undesired headaches.

One of the sources reportedly said that Powell is “very much on the no-go list.”

“Her problems right now do not need to be the [former] president’s problems,” the source said.

As The Daily Beast points out, Powell is facing a number of legal challenges. She and her nonprofit are both named as defendants in a billion-dollar defamation suit by Dominion Voting Systems. She’s also been sanctioned by a Michigan judge for filing a frivolous election suit and faces calls for her disbarment in Texas. Her nonprofit also faces fundraising questions.

Read the full report over at The Daily Beast.

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