Talk show host storms off set to avoid talking about the Kardashians: ‘I’m sick of this family!’

In the middle of a live broadcast this Friday morning, a Good Day Orlando anchor decided he couldn’t handle anymore media gossip about the Kardashians and promptly walked off the set in frustration.

Co-host John Brown apparently didn’t think that Kylie Jenner naming her new rabbit “Bruce” was newsworthy.

“I am having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today,” Brown said. You are on your own, Amy. I can’t do it.”

“I’ve had enough Kardashians,” he ranted as he walked off the set. “I can’t take any more Kardashian stories on this show.”

“We’re talking about the family every freakin’ day on this show,” he continued off-camera as another anchor jumped in to take his spot. “Nobody cares about this family anymore! I’ve had enough.”

Posting later on Facebook, Brown apologized for the rant, saying, “Sorry I lost my mind a bit, although it was partially in jest!”

“I did feel better though after I was done though.”

Watch the video below, via Fox 35:

[The Hollywood Reporter] Featured image via screen grab

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