Target wants to get you wasted while you shop

On October 11, a new Target opened in Chicago.  This Target is different than your other Targets, because this Target offers alcohol as you shop.  According to Fortune, the new location in Chicago’s Navy Pier follows in the footsteps of chains such as Wegman’s and Whole Foods.  It is the first Target to serve alcohol on site.

Before you think this is a free-for-all, there’s a designated bar area for drinking, rather than allowing for free range wandering around the store with alcoholic beverages in hand.  They also have a late night Starbucks for your night owl coffee needs.

Even as recently as October 7, Target kept its plans for the alcohol section under wraps.

The trend of offering alcohol as you shop for groceries and other amenities started in the past couple years, after we as a nation began our recovery from the recession.  Co-CEO of Whole Foods Walter Robb said that “coming out of the recession, people are looking for affordable luxuries and more intimate experiences.”  We want to be treated like a VIP, even while shopping at Target.

Have you ever shopped tipsy?  I have it on pretty good authority you spend more money.  Have you ever shopped at Target?  I have it on pretty good authority you buy things you don’t need, because Target is awesome.  Alcohol and Target together in one experience is both an exciting idea and a terrifying prospect for my wallet.  Smart thinking, Target.  We’re on to you.


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Caitlin Cohen

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