Ted Cruz forks over his birth certificate as new ‘birther’ movement circles in

Ted Cruz has produced his mother’s birth certificate after controversy arose that put his eligibility for president in question. The Cruz campaign revealed the certificate to conservative news outlet Breitbart, which shows that Cruz’s mother was born in Delaware in 1934.

The controversy stems from comments repeatedly made by Donald Tump, who often points out that Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Alan Grayson, a Democrat representative from Florida, threatened to create a lawsuit to challenge Cruz’s eligibility if he became a candidate for president.

Of course, the entire situation is similar to the fit many Republicans threw when Obama initially ran for office in 2008. However, while Obama birthers doubted that Obama was born in Hawaii — they claimed he was born in Kenya — it is clear that Cruz was born in Canada.

According to the Constitution, a president must be a “natural-born citizen.” Although that definition is debated, most constitutional scholars believe that if one parent is a United States citizen, the child inherits the citizenship.

Since courts have never ruled on the issue of a candidate being born outside of the United States, Cruz’s citizenship may come under fire if he wins the nomination. Grayson raised another issue: Cruz’s mother may have not been a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth in 1970.

Both of Cruz’s parents are listed on a 1974 Canadian Federal voting list. In order for one to participate in Canadian federal elections, the voter must be a Canadian citizen. Becoming a Canadian citizen requires an oath of allegiance, and pledging allegiance to another country voids one’s American citizenship.

However, being on a Federal voting list may not automatically mean that someone is a Canadian citizen, so Cruz’s official candidacy is very much up in the air.

Cruz’s citizenship is certainly quite complicated, much more so than Obama’s.

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