Ted Nugent is helping Alex Jones push conspiracy theories about Las Vegas shooting

On Wednesday’s edition of the Alex Jones Show, rocker, gun enthusiast, and NRA board member Ted Nugent gave credence to the conspiracy-mongering propagated by Jones and his followers regarding the mass shooting in Las Vegas this Sunday.

The segment started out with Nugent agreeing that there’s “an assault on the Second Amendment” and then praised media figures who are “destroying the lies and the fantasy of those that believe another gun law could have stopped this or any of the other mass shootings or any crime.”

“But we, the citizens of America, will not let our Second Amendment rights, our God-given constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, we will not let it be infringed any further and we’re making a stand right here and right now,” Nugent declared.

But Jones wanted Nugent to comment on “the information coming out” about the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

“They’re looking at radicalization,” Jones claimed, without evidence. “Our FBI sources told us Monday, and it’s now being confirmed, that there was Antifa and pro-Islamic garbage in there and his live-in — I guess common law wife — was traveling to Dubai and other areas, he was wiring money all over to Islamic countries. This looks really bad.”

Contrary to Jones’ claim, there have been no credible reports of any connections or ideology that aligns with being either pro-Islamic or Antifa in Paddock’s history according to authorities. Any “information” Jones is referring to has been published on either fringe conspiracy websites or YouTube videos by unskilled hacks. Additionally, the only money Paddock was confirmed to have sent internationally was $100,000 that he wired to the Philippines.

But Nugent was open to Jones’ misinformation, saying, “Nothing would surprise me at this time.”

“But you’re right, Alex, we have to be suspicious,” Nugent said. “Our Founding Fathers and all citizens of America who knows that this is a sacred experiment in self government — we must always be suspicious. We must always question the information that we’re given and that’s why I salute you because you are an ass-kicking, we-the-people, Concord Bridge American patriot who asks questions.”

Nugent’s nationalistic brand of patriotism is infamous. But someone who reinforces the spread of misinformation after the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history is not a patriot; they’re a downright threat.

Watch the video below, via Media Matters:

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Sky Palma

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