Justice Served

Teens who recorded themselves punching, kicking, and baseball-batting a sleeping homeless woman are arrested and charged

SPOKANE, WA — A group of teens behind a video that went viral on Reddit, showing them attacking a sleeping homeless woman, have been arrested and charged with a total of eight felonies, KREM2 reports.

The teenagers, ages 14 and 15, have been charged with second-degree assault.

In the video, the teens can be seen punching and kicking the woman who appeared to be sleeping outside of a store. A girl can then be seen picking up a bat or a pole and hitting the woman over the head, who can be heard pleading “No!” as the girl approaches her wielding the weapon . The incident took place on Aug. 27.

According to police, the teens were arrested within 24 hours of the attack. A fellow student of one of the teens reportedly helped police identify them.

The woman has since recovered from her injuries.

A group of teens beating a homeless person in Spokane, WA. from PublicFreakout

The video sparked a wave of outrage from redditors who wanted to see justice.

“Can’t wait to see their f***ing mugshots,” one user wrote. “Never once in my life have I thought about beating an innocent vulnerable stranger. How do you raise that kind of evil?”

“Was there any explanation for this behavior beyond just ‘evil teenage sh**’?” another asked. “I struggle to understand what would drive someone so young to do something so evil.”

“We used to just get drunk and toilet paper our friends and teachers houses… not curb stomp homeless people,” a redditor commented. “F***ing clowns.”

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