Televangelist: The United States will soon be split in two and San Antonio will be its new capitol

According to the far-right Christian news site Charisma News, televangelist Chuck Pierce “has a strong track record in prophetic ministry” and “predicted years ago”  that China would become a world menace. Now the outlet wants to relay to its readers another dire prediction from Pierce about the future of the United States.

In a recent appearance with Cindy Jacobs and Mike Jacobs of Generals International, Pierce “prophesied” that the United States will soon undergo a major split and less than half of the 50 states will declare themselves sovereign.

“For the U.S., I only see a maximum of 23 states aligning,” Pierce says. “God showed it to me in 2008. I do not see what we call the United States ending up looking like [50 states].”

According to Pierce, Washington D.C. was never meant to be the nation’s capitol and a new one will emerge.

“God showed me a capital arising out of San Antonio,” Pierce says. “There are other places [where] we will see new alignments occurring.”

“The states in covenant with the Lord are those states that have an understanding of the God of Israel,” he says. “We have the certificates of states that have aligned with Israel, and it’s about 20-plus right now. And that’s going to be our telling point in days ahead.”

“I do think revival’s coming,” Pierce says. “I think there’s going to be an incredible move of Holy Ghost in America. There will be miracles and signs and wonders, but I also know that in the midst of any move, there’s a great threshing that goes on. And I see America being threshed.”

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