Tell-all books written by former Trump administration members are bombing

Tell-all books penned by former members of Donald Trump’s administration aren’t doing well with sales, according to a report from POLITICO. One example Is a book by his former chief of staff Mark Meadows, which despite the buzz around its release, was a bust when it came to sales.

Meadows’ “The Chief’s Chief” has sold just 21,569 books since its release, according to NPD Bookscan. Another bust was Covid task force member Deborah Birx, whose memoir has sold under 6,000 copies, according to POLITICO.

Dr. Scott Atlas’ book sold 27,013 copies; Dr. Ben Carson’s book sold 21,786 copies; former White House press secretary turned Trump critic Stephanie Grisham sold 38,249 books; counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway has sold 42,273 books since it was published in late May; and former defense secretary Mark Esper sold 20,900 books.

One of the best selling book so far by a former Trump aide was Peter Navarro’s book, which sold 80,218 copies so far.

“Since he left office, the Trump memoirs have not done great,” a top publishing executive told POLITICO. “Each of the people who have written a book so far was telling stories that we pretty much already knew.”

“Every White House memoir so far has been a loser except Navarro. Meadows and Scott Atlas underperformed, and Barr, Conway, Birx, and Esper lost money,” said another publisher. “It’s boring people cashing in by saying the same things they’ve been saying all along. If you don’t have big news nuggets, and you’re not telling MAGA what they most want to hear, you’re wasting your publisher’s money. The amazing thing is that Conway, Barr, Birx, and Esper got over 5 million [in advance money] between them.”

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Sky Palma

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