Tennessee GOP lawmaker probably stole over $23K others donated for his dead son’s memorial

Andy Ogles (R-TN) seems to have pocketed for himself $25,000 from a crowdfund for his stillborn son’s memorial, News Channel 5 reported.

The story comes on the heels of reports that Ogles exaggerated details on his resume. The report says that he raked in tens of thousands of dollars from a GoFundMe meant to fund a children’s burial garden.

But according to News Channel 5’s investigation, the burial garden ever materialized and no one knows what happened to the money — and Ogles isn’t answering questions.

“Help us help other families. No family should have to bury their child; no child should be alone,” Ogles wrote in the online fundraiser.

With the funds, Ogles promised to a “burial garden” that would “create a place” for his son’s “new play friends,” and “a life-size statue of Jesus watching over the children,” along with “benches for families to sit while surrounded by flowers.”

Before it was shut down, the fundraiser garnered $23,565. GodfundMe has confirmed to News Channel 5 that Ogles received the money.

One of the donors told NewsChannel 5  that she wanted “to believe that that money went for something good,” but Ogles’ other challenges with the truth left her with “gnawing questions about what happened to these funds.”

From News Channel 5: “…in the cemetery where Lincoln is buried, we checked from one corner to another. And just like the tipsters had feared, there is no children’s burial garden, no benches where families can sit, and no life-size statue of Jesus.”

Read the full report over at News Channel 5.

Sky Palma

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