Tennessee movie theater censors the title of the movie ‘Hellboy’ because it’s too offensive

A movie theater in Dickinson, Tennessee is getting some attention on Twitter after its management apparently thought the title for the movie Hellboy was too offensive for its patrons.

On the Roxy Movie Theater’s sign, the title of the movie read, “Heckboy.”

Speaking to Nashville’s News Channel 5, theater manager Belinda Daniel said the change was made because the theater has a policy of avoiding titles that may contain profanity.

Twitter user Amber E. posted an image of the sign, and the post immediately went viral.

“When you ask what it’s like living in a small town in the bible belt, I give you exhibit A,” she wrote.

According to Amber, people were wondering if the photo has been photoshopped.

“…sadly it is not,” she tweeted. “This is my hometown yall.”

In one response to the image, Twitter user @WilGafney said that the sign is a perfect example of Bible Belt values.

“They will play the movie and make money off of it but make a public protest of piety about the name.”

Others commenting on the post shared their stories of Bible Belt hypocrisy.

“My strongest memory of a Bible belt town is walking into Walmart & seeing a whole row of rap CDs that had been censored, inches away from a row of shotguns that were on special offer,” @heffalump347 wrote.

Others just saw an opportunity for a good joke.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your community theater production of Hecko Dolly,” @ed_solomon wrote.

“It’s good to see them finally coming out of their sheck,” tweeted @MrIanWatson.

As of this writing, the tweet has been liked and retweeted well over 300,000 times.

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