Tennessee woman charged with first-degree murder after she failed a self-induced abortion

Anna Yocca got into a a bathtub filled with water and used a coat-hanger while her fetus was 24 weeks along. She realized there was too much blood and had her boyfriend take her to the hospital. The hospital staff was able to save “Baby Yocca,” who was born at 1.5 pounds.

According to The Murfreesboro Post, Detective Tommy Roberts, the officer who arrested Yocca, interviewed doctors and nurses who cared for the Yoccas. Roberts told the Post that “the nurses and doctors he interviewed indicated Anna Yocca made “disturbing statements about the baby and wanting to terminate her pregnancy.”

“Disturbing statements?” You mean like, “I wanted to have an abortion?” All signs point to a small town in Tennessee that respects a woman’s right to choose.

This is a sad story. The boy, born at 1.5 pounds, will most likely have medical problems throughout the rest of his life, and he’s already guaranteed to go into the foster system.

Yocca clearly lives in a town that didn’t give her a lot of options regarding her pregnancy. The closest Planned Parenthood is in Nashville. Nashville is about an hour away, which can be incredibly inconvenient depending on her work schedule. There doesn’t seem to be enough information regarding why Yocca waited so long to attempt an abortion or why she didn’t make the drive. Maybe the story is exactly what the locals in Rutherford think it is. Or maybe Yocca was a desperate woman who felt she’d run out of options.

Watch a local news report on the story below:

Featured image via the Murfreesboro Post



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