Texas cops caught on video laughing at disabled veteran who wet himself after being denied use of bathroom

An investigation is underway after four Dallas Police officers were caught on video laughing about a disabled veteran who urinated on himself after he was denied access to a bathroom, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Dynell Lane told the Dallas Police oversight office that the two off-duty officers who were working security at a local pizza restaurant refused to view his medical paperwork after restaurant workers told him he couldn’t use the restroom.

Lane has a urine and bowel leak issue.

“The Dallas Police Department failed me,” Lane told oversight members this month. “Two Dallas police officers discriminated against me and declined to assist me in bridging the gap between myself and the Serious Pizza manager.”

In a statement, the parent company that owns the restaurant said it was aware of the “unfortunate” incident but did not address questions as to why Lane was refused.

“To provide a safe environment for all of our guests and team members, we hire off-duty Dallas Police Department officers,” the statement said. “We are reviewing our safety procedures to avoid similar incidents while continuing to ensure the safety and comfort of our team members and guests, as that is our top priority.”

From The Morning News:

Dallas police’s internal affairs division — which handles administrative reviews — found the officers did not violate policy. Police spokeswoman Kristin Lowman said Tuesday “the department is looking into the complaint.” Asked if that meant the investigation was reopened, she said no. She did not elaborate.


After Lane left the restaurant, body-camera from one of two on-duty Dallas officers shows them enter Serious Pizza. They approach the two off-duty officers working security in their DPD uniforms. The on-duty officers ask about someone who reported “they pissed themselves.”


“So you guys made a guy pee himself?” one of the on-duty officers says, then brings a fist to her mouth as she laughs.


One of the off-duty officers smiles and says “yeah” and looks at the other off-duty officer, who appears to say “He called 911? He called 911?”


The officers say Lane called 911 about the officers, and one off-duty officer says, “He called 911 on us?”

The officers respond “yeah” and the off-duty officer yells “ahhh!” and slaps his knee as he laughs loudly. The other off-duty officer smiles.


“He got mad you guys wouldn’t let him use the restroom and then he calls back and said it’s OK he doesn’t need to pee anymore because he soiled —” one of the on-duty officers says before the other one appears to shut off their body camera.


Watch the video below:

Read the full report over at The Dallas Morning News.

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