Texas couple who attacked cops during Capitol riot: ‘Indict Trump for inciting Jan 6 or let us go’

A Texas couple who were charged for partaking in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot have asked a judge to delay their trial until the Justice Department decides whether it will prosecute Donald Trump for allegedly playing a role in the riot, WUSA reported.

Mark and Jalise Middleton were charged in April 2021 with two felony counts each of assaulting police and one count each of obstruction of an official proceeding. Prosecutors say body camera video shows Mark Middleton yelling obscenities at police while pushing against a barricade as his wife Jalise “repeatedly grabs and strikes” an officer with her hand. They also say Mark posted video to social media bragging that he and his wife were on the front lines of the riot.

The couple’s trial was set to start this August, but their attorneys filed several motions to delay the trail, arguing that the DOJ’s decision to prosecute them and not Trump is indicative of selective prosecution.

As WUSA points out, Former Proud Boys national chairman Enrique Tarrio made a similar argument during his seditious conspiracy trial, arguing that he was being made out as a “scapegoat” for Trump.

As of this Monday, neither the DOJ nor U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss, who is presiding over the couple’s case, had responded to the motion.

Sky Palma

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