Texas man murders woman and shoots her husband — because they voted for Biden

El Paso Police

Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, was arrested in west Texas this week for targeting a couple who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, KWTX reports.

The arrest came nearly a year after Alvarez shot and killed Georgette Kaufmann, 50, and wounded her husband, Daniel Kaufmann. The incident happened on November 14, 2020, just after the election at the couple’s home.

He has been charged with murder and aggravated assault.

From KWTX:

A criminal complaint states police found Georgette Kauffman’s body inside her garage. After Alvarez shot and killed the woman, he allegedly made his way through the detached garage door and entered the backyard.

The court document obtained by KDBC-TV in El Paso states Alvarez walked up a flight of stairs to an outdoor patio deck. He attempted to enter the residence, but found the wrought iron door to be locked.

At that time, Daniel Kauffman heard a noise at the back door and walked in its direction because he believed it was his wife. Alvarez then allegedly fired several rounds through the closed wrought iron door, striking the husband, the court document states.

Kauffman told KDBC he was shot at five times, but was able to crawl out of his home and reach a neighbor’s house to ask for help.

Investigators found emails sent by Alvarez where he called pro-choice advocates the “Jewish Satanist Party” and claimed abortions were “Jewish child sacrifice.” He also said he targeted the Kaufmanns because they voted for Biden and had a Biden “flag and a doll of Trump hanging” at their home.

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