Texas protesters chant ‘fire Fauci’ while claiming coronavirus vaccine is ‘Mark of the Beast’

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As the death toll from coronavirus continues to grow in Texas, hundreds of protesters gathered at the State Capitol this Saturday calling on officials to reopen the state’s economy.

Participants in the “You Can’t Close America” rally clearly ignored social distancing rules as they chanted slogans and carried signs and banners highlighting their cause. According to reports, the rally was organized by Alex Jones and his conspiracy theory-promoting website InfoWars.

At one point in the rally, protesters started chanting “fire Fauci,” referring to President Trump’s leading infectious disease expert.

In a video posted to Twitter, a group of protesters can be seen hoisting a banner that declares, ‘Texas will never take the Mark of the Beast,’ which is likely a reference to conspiracy theories disseminated by pro-Trump religious figures who claim that a future coronavirus vaccine will be used distribute the Mark of the Beast, which is part of a biblical prophecy warning of the End Times.

Watch below:

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