Thanks to Candace Owens, criticizing Hitler has now become a partisan issue

At this point, even Candace Owens is comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. She just means it as a positive. ‘If only Hitler had focused on making Germany great,’ she lamented, ‘nobody would be mad at him.’


And while, yeah, she’s not wrong, that doesn’t exactly speak well for the rest of us. The Western front of World War II only started because the Allies had absolutely no choice after Germany invaded Poland. Neville Chamberlain was all about appeasement. Nobody wanted a war twenty years after WWI while still in the throes of a Great Depression.

I don’t think that’s how Candace was approaching it, however. She scolded Hitler, wishing he had simply been a nationalist instead of a globalist.

Which is pretty straightforward white supremacist, anti-Semitic rhetoric. The only thing I can say in Owens’s defense is that she is too uninformed to recognize it.

Because globalism, in the long tradition of Henry Ford and David Duke, is a fun way of stoking fear about a Jewish cabal that secretly runs the world. And nationalism is a fun way of pointing out that specific countries are only for specific people.

But then, criticizing Hitler has now become a partisan issue. Which is very cool. We can thank people like Ben Shapiro and Owens and Charlie Kirk for that.

I, for one, can’t wait for her to explain that she can’t be anti-Semitic because she supports Israel. It’s the next step. And she’s once again too ignorant to understand what a joke that defense is.

Featured image via screen grab/Fox Business

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