Thanks to Donald Trump’s former ghostwriter, I’ll never look at his tweets the same way again

In the wake of Donald Trump’s bizarre press conference where he called on Russian hackers to infiltrate America’s election process, the GOP nominee’s ghostwriter for his book The Art of the Deal has emerged as an unofficial window into his mind – now that he says he has a “deep sense of remorse” for helping launch Trump into stardom.

According to Fortune, Tony Schwartz wrote every single word of Trump’s book, claiming it was a “non-fiction work of fiction.”

“I’m one of the very few people who really saw this man up close and isn’t constrained by a NDA [non-disclosure agreement],” he told Fortune. “The reason I’ve chosen to come forward is I believe Trump is deeply unqualified and would be extremely dangerous as President by virtue of his easily aroused anger and thin skin.”

When asked what he thought Trump’s “biggest lie” was, Schwartz said that it was the notion that “he knows anything about anything related to being President of the United States.”

“He has such a short attention span that he was, in my experience, unable to retain much information about any subject because he couldn’t pay attention for long enough to do that. It’s reflected in the severe limits of his vocabulary, the elementary nature of the sentences that he speaks, the lack of specificity he gives about anything he would do as President.”

That being said, Schwartz, who is now the president of the Energy Project, is tweeting up quite a storm about his former client. I mean, a REAL storm. But it was one particular tweet from July 27 that caught my attention:

Taking that into consideration, let’s try Schwartz’s thought experiment:

It all makes so much more sense now.

H/t: Gissur Simonarson (Twitter)

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