That time Ali G tried to sell Donald Trump a pair of ‘ice cream gloves’

British comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, best known for playing characters like Borat and Bruno, visited Donald Trump a little over ten years ago for a segment on “Da Ali G Show.”

Cohen plays one of his most popular characters, Ali G, a wannabe white rapper/”journalist” who conducts disastrous interviews with unsuspecting targets. In the video, Ali G went to several businessmen in attempt to finance his invention, a glove that prevents ice cream from dripping all over you while holding it. One of those businessmen happened to be Donald Trump.

Although Ali G laid out the plan for his brilliant invention, Trump seemed unimpressed. To The Donald’s credit, it seemed as though he figured out the joke quickly and put an end to it, bowing out after about a minute.

Watch (the Trump segment begins at about 2:03):

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