That time when a 12-year-old kid shut down a young earth creationist

Not being able to answer the intellectual challenges of an 12-year-old probably doesn’t reflect well on your ideology. That’s what happened then the son of a former pastor turned secular humanist stumped a Christian speaker by asking about Noah’s Ark.

Chad, who was reportedly twelve at the time, (the exchange took place in 2013) asked Pastor Nathan Lewis about Noah’s Ark during an event in Beaverton, Oregon. We first wrote about Chad when he took down creationist Eric Hovind during the Q&A portion of a 2012 debate in Portland, Oregon.

In the video below, Chad asked Lewis if he believed in Noah’s Ark, and when Lewis responded that he did, Chad started to ask specific questions about the biblical text.

Chad: … So, God told Noah to get all the animals and put them on the Ark, right?

Pastor Lewis: No, not all of them.

Chad: Ok…

Pastor Lewis: Like all the aquatic animals? They just had to swim their way around.


Chad: So then it says in the Bible that… the flood went over the highest mountains in the world. And that includes Mount Everest, right?

Pastor Lewis: Well, I… I don’t know about that…

Chad: Ok, but even if it did, then animals could not breathe because there’s no oxygen up there.

The pastor attempted to shake off the boy’s questions by telling him to ask his father about the Ark. However, Lewis then went on to say that Mount Everest was not that tall when Noah built his ark, so air pressure wouldn’t have been a problem.

The boy responded by saying that the Everest was formed “over two thousand years ago.” While the pastor admitted that that was probably right, he said that the two-thousand years wasn’t that far off, and such a small difference didn’t matter.

In fact, Mount Everest is about 60 million years old, while Noah supposedly lived several thousand years ago according to bible literalists.


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