That time when Christopher Hitchens revised the Ten Commandments

“What do we say when we want to revisit a long-standing policy or scheme that no longer seems to be serving us or has ceased to produce useful results?” asked the late Christopher Hitchens. “We begin by saying tentatively, ‘Well, it’s not exactly written in stone.’”

The Ten Commandments were written in stone (allegedly), but that didn’t stop one of the most brilliant minds of our time from revising them.

In a piece for Vanity Fair back in 2010, famed author, journalist and “anti-theist” Christopher Hitchens demonstrated that the divine laws Moses allegedly brought down from Mount Sinai are not the perfect examples of morality that many see them to be, but mostly just some archaic ideas scribbled down by Bronze Age religious fanatics.

With Hitchens’ revision, they’re much more up to date and relevant. But still, as he says, you don’t want to take your morality in “tablet form.”


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