The audience at Donald Trump’s ‘African American outreach’ event seemed to be missing one important factor

This Wednesday in Cleveland, Sean Hannity of Fox News hosted a “town hall-style” event to talk about “African American concerns” with Donald Trump as the main guest.

While the idea of two of the most prominent Alt-Right apologists in politics and media hosting an outreach event to African Americans sounds like theater of the absurd, that’s not even the half of it.

Thankfully, Cleveland native and former Democratic political operative Brandon English was in the audience to snap a few pictures. Upon closer inspection of the pictures, it seemed a key element was missing from the makeup of the audience.

Posting on Facebook and Twitter, English noted that there are “literally more Black people on Hannity’s stage than in the crowd at the ‘African-American’ town hall.”

Another shot of the audience seemed to confirm the observation.

A shot of folks hanging outside the event showed pretty much the same thing: not many African Americans to reach out to.

English pointed out that the crowd at the New Spirit Revival Center didn’t appear to reflect the church’s usual congregation or the general population of Cleveland Heights:

The Hannity town hall aired this Wednesday at 10pm.

 Featured image via Twitter

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