The best DNC speech that no one’s talking about was given by war widow, Cheryl Lankford

Speaking at the DNC last night, war widow and Trump University victim Cheryl Lankford shared with the audience the shame she felt when she realized that she’d been taken in by a scam.

“When you lose a spouse, you know that your life will change forever. You know that it won’t be easy. But I didn’t expect that on top of grieving the loss of my husband and trying to take care of my baby, I would also be the victim of a scam,” she started out.

She went on to explain how she used her husband’s military benefits after his death to further her education. Her speech them turned into a powerful rebuke of Donald Trump and his university scheme that enriched itself by “conning me out of the money the military gave me after my husband died, I felt like Trump University was disrespecting Jonathan’s memory.”

According to her, the plight she endured was indicative of Trump’s character — a man who’s seeking the country’s highest office:

“Here’s a guy who was born rich and who has all the money in the world and there’s nothing wrong with that,” she said. “In fact, I signed for Trump University because I thought I could learn something from him. But when he decided to make himself even richer by cheating working people who had nothing to spare. What kind of a man does that?”

“It’s not easy for me to get up here and tell my story. For a long time, I didn’t tell anybody, not even my family or my friends. But I’m here because America deserves to know the truth. This election isn’t about Democrat versus Republican; it’s about right versus wrong. It’s about someone who helps ordinary people no matter what it takes versus someone who helps himself no matter who it hurts. Donald Trump made big promises about Trump University, and I was fooled into believing him.”

Now, he’s making big promises about America. Please don’t make that same mistake.”

Watch her speech in the video below:

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