The brother of Omran Daqneesh, the Syrian boy whose image rocked the world, has died

After last week’s deadly airstrike in Aleppo, the video of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh wiping blood from his stunned and emotionless face captivated the world and was shared millions of times on social media. The image has quickly become iconic, showing the devastation that the continuing conflict in Syria has caused yet again.

Now, the image has a sad postscript — Although Omran survived his injuries, his brother, 10-year-old Ali, has died from his injuries suffered in the August 17th attack. Ali’s death was reported by several media outlets in Syria, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Aleppo Media Center.

“He was martyred while in hospital as a result of the same bombardment that their house was subjected to,” said Besher Hawi, an Aleppo council spokesman, to Reuters.

Omran’s image inspired the Internet to speak out against the violence in Syria, and the high cost to the region’s children. However, Syrian activist organizations point out that the plight of Omran and his brother are not unique — war has torn apart the region for years, and since July 31st, 468 civilians have been killed in Aleppo. Of those victims, 100 were children.

In order to spread awareness about the widespread devastation in Aleppo that goes far beyond one viral image, the New York Times created a gallery showing other graphic images from the war, reminding us that Omran and his brother are far from the only victims.

Featured image via YouTube screen grab



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