The extent of Gaza’s devastation is shocking in these before and after photos

The U.N. has released images showing areas in the Gaza Strip before and after Israel’s latest campaign Operation Protective Edge. The extent of destruction caused by the 29 days of fighting between the IDF and jihadist groups is quite shocking.

According to the Palestinian Labor Minister, the cost of rebuilding Gaza’s destroyed civilian infrastructure (which does not include private property) is at least $5 billion.

From Haaretz:

According to Palestinian data, 10,000 housing units were completely destroyed during the conflict, and 30,000 were partially damaged. Dozens of government and office buildings were also wrecked. Most of the devastation was caused in the Shujaiyeh and Beit Hanoun neighborhoods.


al-Atatra neighborhood gaza1
Beit Hanoun gaza2
Beit Lahia gaza6
Central Gaza City gaza4
Central Gaza City gaza5
Nuseirat refugee camp gaza3

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