The geniuses behind this anti-Clinton Benghazi attack ad don’t know how to spell ‘Libya’

The steam powering the GOP’s Benghazi investigation is fading, especially after members of its own House Select Committee have publicly admitted that the whole thing was a ruse to damage Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.

In a pathetic attempt to keep the story afloat, aired an attack ad during the first Democratic presidential debate of the season, and CNN was happy to run it, which blatantly blamed Hillary Clinton for the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stephens.

The graphics in the ad had several typos, including in the name of the country in question. The country is Libya, not “Lybia,” as the ad has it spelled, and “Breitbart” is not spelled “Breibart.”

Watch the video of the advertisement below:

[Gawker] Featured image via screen grab

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