The Internet is mocking Kim Jong-un again, and it’s hilarious

Poor Kim Jong-un. The guy can’t even bend over and inspect a mattress for firmness without the Internet exploding in a symphony of mockery.

The original image itself is a few years old. But for some reason, it hit the Web again recently and the folks at Reddit went nuts.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 1.55.30 PM

Naturally, the mischief involved a lot of creative photoshopping, making its way onto the Photo Shop Battles subreddit. This is the second time in a matter of months that the brutal North Korean dictator has been the subject of Internet memes, but this time around is the best yet.

Here a few of the best ones, but we’re sure there are many more to come:

(PhonyBadger)un 1
(stenzor) un 2
(OiledUpBooty) un 3
(HelloLeoDiCaprio) un 4
(48454c4c4f574f524c44) un 5
And here’s one from a DeadState fan: ds fan

Sky Palma

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