The hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump praising Oprah’s anti-sexual harassment speech wasn’t lost on Twitter

After Oprah Winfrey‘s powerful and viral Golden Globes speech where she declared the “time is up” for sexual predators in and outside the workplace, speculation about a possible 2020 presidential run for the actress, businesswoman, and former talk show host.

Even First Daughter Ivanka Trump was moved. In a tweet from this Monday, Ivanka reiterated the speech’s “#TIMESUP” theme while sharing a video clip.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users seized on the obvious hypocrisy of Ivanka jumping on the ‘time’s up’ bandwagon while she’s remained dead quiet on the numerous sexual misconduct accusations against her father.

One of her most notable detractors was actress and activist Alyssa Milano, who responded to Ivanka tweet by asking her to donate to Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund which is “available to support your father’s accusers.”

Other soon joined in:

Even MSNBC’s Chris Hayes couldn’t resist:

In October of last year, the BBC listed some of the sexual assault allegations against Trump, numbering 13 in total. In almost all the accounts, Trump forced himself on women who did not want his advances.

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