The lamestream media had to go and ruin Trump’s inauguration with ‘photographic evidence’

What a beautiful speech filled with American values at Trump’s historical Inauguration. I’m finally proud to be an American again which makes me a patriot but makes Michelle Obama a traitor.

The distinction is very clear: Trump is going to unify the country, bring back jobs, and health care will be affordable again. Thank you President Trump.

And what a great Inauguration — the most widely-attended Inauguration of all time. I think. There is no way to tell how many people attended an event ever because science is not there yet libtards, ok? But at the same time this was the biggest turnout a swearing-in ceremony has ever had in history so great job President Trump!!!!!

The LAMEstream media tried to bully the Trump administration by attacking them with photographic evidence of a poorly-attended ceremony but Sean Spicer, my man, saw right through that and explained that Trump won and everyone else lost so get over it. The conference worked for me and I was very impressed with his strength of character.

Kellyanne Conway, America’s Sweetheart, then explained to some libturd on the news that the administration is just doing its job by providing alternative facts to America and instead of thanking her he was very rude and I don’t like or trust that man he’s fake news.

You know guys the Trump administration is trying to be gracious and kind and nice and sweet and forgiving and compassionate and beautiful and better than everyone else who are a bunch of lying lyers out to get them (poor underdogs who are just trying to save America) and that’s why they even allowed the Press to be there in the first place as an olive branch. Maybe if you want to keep your invitations press corps then you should stop attacking them with “facts” and “valid criticisms.” Freedom of the press is an inalienable right and cornerstone of any democracy as long as you say what Trump wants you to say ok ok? Ok? Thank you.

I cannot wait for Trump to save America 6 days in and he’s already making the islamists running scared which is all the proof I need he’s doing it right keep it up Trump MAGA.



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