The man Alex Jones falsely accused of being the Parkland shooter is suing for defamation

Marcel Fontaine was falsely accused of being the Parkland shooter by the conspiracy theory website InfoWars. Now, he’s suing its founder Alex Jones for defamation, according to the Daily Beast.

The suit, filed in Travis County, Texas this Monday, claims that InfoWars “irreparably tainted” Fontaine’s reputation after the outlet falsely identified him as the shooter. InfoWars reporter Kit Daniels included a photo of Fontaine in his article about the shooting which was published on February 14. In a caption for the photo, Daniels said Fontaine was wearing “communist garb.”

Fontaine’s shirt displayed the words “Communist Party” along with an image of communists figures drinking and having a good time — a message that was meant to be a joke.

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“Shooter is a commie,” the InfoWars article declared.

Fontaine’s suit says that the now-deleted InfoWars article spread across social media and led to Fontaine receiving threats and ridicule online.

Speaking to CBS News, Mark Bankston, Fontaine’s attorney, said his client has tried to keep a positive attitude but has “grown increasingly disturbed by this incident” and “genuinely fears for his safety.” Fontaine is seeking damages in excess of $1 million.

In a recent video that has since been removed from YouTube for policy violations, Alex Jones claimed that Parkland survivor and gnu control activist David Hogg was a paid “crisis actor,” a claim that drew considerable backlash and an exodus of advertisers.

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