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The Missouri GOP is one step away from making every January 12 ‘Rush Limbaugh Day’

gage skidmore/flickr

Republicans in the Missouri House voted this Thursday to create “Rush Limbaugh Day.” The provision was tacked onto another bill which passed in the chamber. It will now move on to the Senate for approval, the Associated Press reports.

The day set aside for the honor is Jan. 12, the late right-wing radio host’s birthday.

“Rush demonstrated courage to speak boldly and encouraged his listeners and viewers to reach for their dreams and to push onward beyond the naysayers and discouragers that we all encounter in life,” Ashland Republican Rep. Sara Walsh said.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats aren’t big fans of the proposal. In a statement, Kansas City Democratic Rep. Ashley Bland Manlove slammed Limbaugh, who died at 70 from lung cancer in February, for his “constant attacks on Black people and other people of color.”

Also speaking out was Kansas City Democratic Rep. Ashley Aune.

“As a victim of sexual assault myself, their decision to enshrine a person who attempted to invalidate one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and the lives of other women and men is nothing short of infuriating,” she said.

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