The stupidity of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling is summed up perfectly in this image

After the SCOTUS ruling on Monday that a privately-owned company is not required to cover contraception under the Affordable Care Act, Sarah Baker took to Twitter to make her thoughts known.

Baker (who is the creative director at the New Organizing Institute) utilized her meme-making skills to create an image that we think sums up the ruling perfectly.



“When close-minded people representing themselves as Christians use millions of dollars and an army of lawyers to make international headlines in a backwards, anti-science fight, as a Christian it drives me to use the tools at my disposal—however meager they may be in comparison—to speak out,” Baker said. “Although the Hobby Lobby case catalyzed me to make this graphic, in general I’m just really sick and tired of old white men on the government payroll trying to politicize my uterus.”

The image has gotten tens of thousands of retweets and shares.

“The image is a visual representation of my gut reaction to this whole situation, so the fact that it resonated with so many individuals tells me that lots of people are feeling how messed up this whole thing is,” she said. “I’m clearly not the only one who is disgusted by the patriarchy unapologetically flexing its muscles at all levels of government without regard to people who don’t happen to be white, male, and financially comfortable.”

(h/t: Alternet)

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