The Trump White House vigorously defended Comey when he was investigating Hillary

As the White House smear campaign against former FBI Director James Comey gets underway, an old tweet from counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway is getting some renewed attention.

In the wake of Comey’s explosive ABC interview and the release of his new book, Conway slammed the former FBI Director as someone who “is always able to divert the spotlight to him.”

“He has a very deft way of making things about him,” Conway told ABC News.

The current anti-Comey sentiment coming out of the White House is interesting considering that it was almost the exact reverse a little over a year ago. When Comey announced that the FBI was reopening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server just weeks before the 2016 election, Conway said that he was just a dedicated law enforcement officer doing his job.

“Astonished by the all-out assault on Comey by Team Clinton,” Conway tweeted on October 29, 2016. “Suggesting he is a partisan interfering with the election is dangerous & unfair.”

The hypocrisy is astounding when you consider how the Comey-Trump saga is currently playing out. As the 2016 post made the rounds today, people were quick to point out that it’s a perfect example of how in Trumplandia, “there’s always a tweet.”

The folks over at Media Matters put together a video mashup of Conway’s comments on Comey, then and now:

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