‘The West Coast is guided by science — not politics’: Gavin Newsom urges caution in reopening CA economy

This Monday, the office of California Gov. Gavin Newson published a press release announcing a “Western States Pact,” which is an agreement on a “shared vision” for reopening the economies Oregon and Washington in the wake of months of coronavirus lockdown orders.

“We are announcing that California, Oregon and Washington have agreed to work together on a shared approach for reopening our economies – one that identifies clear indicators for communities to restart public life and business,” the press release read.

In a tweet promoting the announcement, Newsom declared that the West Coast is “guided by science.”

“We issued stay at home orders early to keep the public healthy. We’ll open our economies with that same guiding principle,” he wrote. “CA, WA, and OR will work together on a shared vision focused on health–not politics. Together–we’ll meet this moment.”

As of this writing, California has 21,794 total confirmed cases of coronavirus with 651 deaths.

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