The word ‘shithole’ is being projected on the front of Trump’s D.C. hotel

In the wake of President Trump disparaging immigrants from “shithole countries, activists are taking out their frustration on various properties owned by the former real estate mogul.

According to the Washingtonian, the Yelp page for the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue is being inundated with one-star reviews calling the 263-room luxury hotel a “shithole.”

“It’s a shithole. The owner is a racist senile old man. Don’t waste your money. #shithole,” reads one review.

“But I hear you can get incredible ‘service’ if you bring in your own Russian hookers to give you the ‘golden treatment.'” reads another.

From the Washingtonian:

Similar reviews can be found on the Yelp pages of Trump-branded properties in New YorkLas VegasChicago, and elsewhere. Some comments appear to be posted across multiple pages. One reading, “This hotel is a real shithole. I don’t know why anyone would want to stay in a shithole hotel, when they could go on a Norwegian Cruise or something,” has been posted on the pages for the Trump hotels in Chicago and Las Vegas. It’s a reminder that one does not need to actually patronize a business to submit content to a crowd-sourced review site.

Last week during the national college football championship, protesters projected on the front of the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta the words, “Fuck Trump.” Now, that same tactic is being used at one of Trump hotels in D.C.

MSNBC contributor Scott Dworkin shared a video in Twitter of the words “Shithole” being projected on the front of the Trump International Hotel in D.C.

Featured image via Twitter/@funder