There’s another Nazi torch rally going down in Charlottesville

About three dozen white nationalists led by alt-right racist Richard Spencer have once again converged on the Charlottesville park where a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee stands, and once again they’re carrying tiki torches.

In a video posted to Twitter, Spencer can be seen carrying a torch while one of his associates speaks about protecting “white America’s interests.”

“Where are here to represent white America’s interests,” the rally attendee bellowed through a loud speaker. “The left wing establishment is built around anti-white policies and anti-white rhetoric.”

“The right wing establishment refuses to stick up for their own people — their own voters,” the attendee continued. “They refuse to understand that white Americans are their base, and they disavow anyone who speaks in favor of white Americans and their interests.”

The speaker lamented the Confederate statue being “covered up and torn down,” while claiming to speak for those afraid to be labeled racists for speaking out.

“No more!” the speaker declared.

“We are a people with interests and we are a people who will not be replaced.”

According to local news reports, the rally lasted for about 20 minutes.

Featured image via Twitter

Sky Palma

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