These are the last photographs David Bowie took

Last Friday, acclaimed recording artist David Bowie celebrated his 69th birthday and put out his final studio album, Blackstar.

On the musician’s official website, Bowie released a new set of photos that were taken by his longtime photographer Jimmy King and are believed to be his final images before passing away Sunday evening.

In a statement issued on the behalf of Bowie, he passed away following an 18-month battle with cancer.

bowie 1

According to Consequence of Sound, Bowie remained active up until his death, appearing in public just last month to attend a staging of his off-Broadway adaptation of Lazarus, despite his illness.

bowie 2

Everyone from Paul McCartney, to Yoko Ono, to Kendrick Lamar has taken time to remember what many consider to be the greatest musician of all time.

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