These illegal photos taken by ‘urban climbers’ will give you a heart attack

As part of the new “skywalking” trend sweeping through Russia, groups of young daredevils are cheating death by illegally climbing buildings and structures – all with the simple goals of posting photos of their achievements to social media, giving them the ultimate bragging rights.

Now they’re taking their exploits international, bringing us photos from the most heart-stopping – and illegal — vantage points.

(Via Italiy Raskalov)


climb 1climb 2climb 3climb 4climb 5climb 7climb 8climb 9climb 10climb 11climb 12climb 13climb 14climb 15climb 16climb 17climb 18climb 19climb 20climb 21climb 22 climb 23climb 24climb 25climb 26climb 27climb 28climb 29climb 30climb 31

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