Third-grader shames Donald Trump in scathing letter: ‘You’re making the bullying problem worse’

Image courtesy of Kelly Wheeless

This February, an eight-year-old elementary student wrote a scathing letter lambasting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for being “rude” and “hurtful” to others during television broadcasts.

Jackson Wheeless, a third-grader form Jamestown, North Carolina, was prompted by his teacher to learn about the world while watching the news and keeping tabs on the 2016 election.

According to WCNC, Wheeless decided to write to Trump after watching several of his speeches and was aghast at the real estate mogul’s bullying, insulting a handicap reporter, and the lack of respect for his fellow man.

“What would happen if young people decided that it was OK to make fun of handicapped people after watching you do that on national TV? Bullying is already a HUGE problem, and it is NOT OK! I feel like you could make that problem much worse.”

Wheeless also touched on a recent comment of Trump’s where the GOP frontrunner said that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York and still score votes from his supporters.


“We may not be able to vote yet, but we are the future. I think it is important for us to have a kind, honest, caring person as our leader that we can look up to and respect. I am in the student government this year at my school. I try to be a student that everyone can look up to. I will grow up to be a husband, a father, hopefully a police officer, and a good friend. I will choose to be a better person than what you have been teaching me to be.”

Read the letter below:

trump letter



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