This 17 year-old kid dresses up as celebrities and the results are hilarious

Liam Martin is a 17 year-old New Zealander and has 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Why does he have such a large audience? Because he has a knack for hilariously transforming himself into celebrity parodies.

For his creative transformations, Lian wears colorful wigs, garbage bags and even various food items.


Nicki Minaj. kid 1
Taylor Swift. kid 2
Ariana Granda. kid 3
Lady Gaga. kid 4
Cara Delevingne. kid 5
Effie from “The Hunger Games.”kid 6
Jennifer Lawrence. kid 7
Kim Kardashian. kid 8
Miley Cyrus. kid 9
Katy Perry. kid 10
Iggy Azalea. kid 12
Ellen DeGeneres.
kid 13
Miley Cyrus.
kid 14
Angelina Jolie in Maliamcent. kid 15

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