This amazing Nelson Mandela sculpture is like nothing you’ve ever seen before

This Nelson Mandela sculpture in Howick KwaZulu-Natal South Africa is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Conceived by artist Marco Cianfanelli, the sculpture is made up of 50 poles that symbolize the 50th Anniversary of Mandela’s arrest — on the very spot where the sculpture stands.

The work consists of 50 steel poles between 8 and 10 meters tall, arranged in a pattern that allows the viewer a flat image of the face of Nelson Mandela facing West, when approached from the foot path leading down towards it, exactly 35 meters away.  From that position the laser-cut mild steel poles line up to create the illusion of a perfectly flat image.


ds mandela 1

ds mandela 2

ds mandela 3

ds mandela 4

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