This animated version of a lost Robin Williams interview truly shows his genius

Although devastating, the suicide of Robin Williams taught us a valuable lesson: never take for granted the people in our midst and don’t assume their struggles are under control.

A newly found interview that Williams did with journalist Lawrence Grobel back in 1992 is a great reminder of the otherworldly level of genius that we lost.

From The Daily Dot:

In Patrick Smith’s animated version of the interview, his versatility and insight is on display: First Williams eerily predicts the weakening of the world’s economic infrastructure in the previous decade before sailing through to a hilarious description of the “wind tunnel” face you make during sex, and men’s hilarious inability to deal with their own emasculation.

Speaking to PBS, Grobel said that even though Williams “could twist serious into funny in an instant,” he was astutely aware of the real world and the struggles of humanity:

When I asked him what made him cry? He said, “Just the insane violence all over the world, that makes me cry. And it’s unrelenting. I was performing in a club in New York and afterwards there was a guy sitting down with an Iranian, a Palestinian and an Israeli, and they all acknowledged that they want peace but they don’t know how to get to it. How do you create a Palestinian homeland when there’s a large amount of Palestinians who want to obliterate Israel? How do you stop this insane cycle that just keeps going on and on?” When I asked him how he dealt with such matters as a comedian, he said, “You try and find a way to address it. Some people are better at it than I am. I haven’t hit that one yet. I’m trying to find interesting things to talk about with it.”


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