This chemistry teacher is taking the art of origami to a whole new level

Adam Tran is a chemistry teacher, but that’s nothing compared to the artistic chemistry he creates with his unbelievable origami skills. Tran molds dinosaurs, skeletons, flowers and warriors, all from paper, seemingly able to create anything that pops into his mind.

Tram is a member of the Vietnam Origami Group, and you can see many more of his pieces on Flickr.


tran 1tran 2tran 3tran 4
“You know, if you fold origami for the first time, the complex models such as dragons, human figures, animals are always very attractive. But when you reach a peak of folding from diagrams, you want to design your own models,” Tran said speaking to the Independent. “So, if you design something, you need the skill and technique. It will take time to learn but how long you spend will determine your true talent. So, I have to learn a lot from my best origami friends, and folding models that I put my passion in.”
tran 5tran 6tran 7tran 9tran 10tran 11tran 12 He humbly admits that people are blown away by his work when they first see it.

“But I just smile and say that I am a rookie when it comes to origami. I want to improve my skill and I hope to join more and more origami exhibitions.”

tran 13 h/t The Independent and Colossal

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