This GIF of Marco Rubio hitting some poor kid in the face with a football is eternal

This Monday night in Iowa, Marco Rubio tossed around a football with a few local kids. Needless to say, he didn’t have any idea that an innocent photo op would turn into an Internet meme.

While in town for the state fair, Rubio threw a pass to some kid who was going long, and scored a field goal right between the kid’s hands and directly onto his face.

Here’s the original video posted to Twitter by Bloomberg:

The good news is that the kid is reportedly fine. The bad news for Rubio is that the clip is getting the Twitter treatment. Making matters worse, Chris Moody of CNN pointed out that the clip is a million times better in GIF form:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Rubio is a menace. Just ask Nancy Reagan:

H/t DeadState fan LaVonne E. Bray, photo credit: AP

Featured image via Twitter

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