This guy’s $10,000 reward for video of ‘thousands of Muslims celebrating’ after 9/11 is still unclaimed

A $10,000 reward for a video depicting “thousands of Muslims” celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11, still remains unclaimed despite efforts.

Businessman Khurshid Qureshi offered the reward following last month’s claim by Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump that “thousands” of Muslims celebrated in the streets following the terror attacks.

While no actual proof was on hand to back up Trump’s claims, Qureshi took it upon himself to create the incentive in hopes of proving the former reality TV star wrong.

The Colorado Springs entrepreneur receives daily emails with videos and posted links from people in hopes of securing the prize money.

However, many of the submitted footage showed people celebrating overseas, while only a handful of people were reported “celebrating” in the U.S. — nowhere near the thousand threshold.

“I have not seen any sign, any video, any photograph that thousands of people were celebrating,” said Qureshi.

Qureshi said he’s spent hours searching the Internet for the video, reading every article in New Jersey and New York in hopes of finding any evidence that Trump was right.

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“I could not find a single paragraph that the 10,000 or the 5,000 Muslims were celebrating,” said Qureshi. “I could even write a bigger check if someone can show me a large picture of a million people celebrating.”

The contest to find such imagery is not meant to divide people, but Qureshi hopes instead it will help end cruel statements directed at Muslim-Americans.

“My main emphasis is to great a better relationship between the Muslims and non-Muslims in this country,” said Qureshi.

Watch a report in the story from KODO-13 below:

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