This innocent letter perfectly demonstrates the Catholic Church’s glaring hypocrisy

Canada’s Yellowknife Catholic Schools undoubtedly looks out for their students.

They’re so diligent, that when a registered sex offender took up residence in their community, they sent a letter home to parents warning them about the potential threat that lurks among them.

Lacy Bell, whose son attends one of Yellowknife’s preschools, shared the letter on her Facebook page.

Warning Yellowknifers. This note came home with my son today. We are always very cautious with our children and this is just a reminder there are horrible people in this world.


But when the folks over at the Anti-theist Propaganda Facebook page saw the letter, they shared it with this added caption, revealing the glaring irony of a problem the Catholic Church has miserably failed to deal with:

A Catholic school warning about a sex offender living in the community.

If only they’d issue the same warnings about their priests.

While it’s commendable that a school would warn parents about a sex offender living in their community, it makes one think about how the Catholic Church has utterly failed to protect children for decades, even creating situations ripe for abuse by shuffling pedophile priests from parish to parish.

So bravo to Yellowknife Catholic Schools for warning parents about a sex offender living in their midst; now, let’s talk about those sex offenders that are being sheltered in the Vatican.

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