This is the best explanation of why you should be supporting Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary

I’m not someone who’s followed Ed Schultz too extensively, but I came across this video of some commentary he recently made on his radio show (his MSNBC show has since been cancelled), and it was probably the best summation of why Democrats should be throwing their weight behind Bernie Sanders rather then Hillary.

It’s not a commentary about political practicality, it’s about supporting a new kind of politician that flies in the face of the Establishment.

Citing a recent poll that shows Sanders leading Hillary in New Hampshire, Schultz started out by saying that there is a “fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic soul in this country — and it’s not about personality… it’s about the issues.”

When you ask Bernie Sanders about [the Keystone pipeline], you get an answer. When you ask Bernie Sanders a question about the Trans Pacific Partnership… you get an answer. When you ask Bernie Sanders what he would do to the big banks on Wall Street, you get an answer. When you ask Bernie Sanders about, ‘Do you think that the oil companies should pay their fair share – and continue to get billions in dollars of subsidies from the United States Treasury?’ you get a direct answer.

Schultz scoffed at the “Clinton folks of the world” who slam him on social media for abandoning Hillary. “Go right ahead,” he taunted. “I am more proud of what is unfolding in American politics right now than anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Did the Black Lives Matter protest earlier this week in Seattle hurt Bernie Sanders? No. It gave him an opportunity to clarify his position – exactly what he’s going to do about institutional racism in this country.

Schultz was clear about his disappointment in Hillary Clinton:

I can’t get – no one can get a response from Hillary on Keystone, a response from Hillary on big oil, a response from Hillary on Wall Street…

This is a guy who’s revolutionizing American politics right now.

Watch Schultz’s full commentary in the video below:

Featured image via The Daily Dot

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