Veteran slams Trump’s call for ‘highly trained’ armed teachers: “Highly trained by…who?’

On Monday, President Trump tweeted: “Very strong improvement and strengthening of background checks will be fully backed by White House. Legislation moving forward. Bump Stocks will soon be out.”

Not bad. Then he wrote: “Highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal carry, subject to State Law,” ending with, “Armed guards OK, deterrent!…….,” which presumably means “armed guards” are “good” as a “deterrent.”

The only thing more mind-numbing than Trump’s bizarre brand of grammar is his predictability when it comes reinforcing claims that are unfounded. As the argument for arming teachers ramps up, so has the incidence of gun mishaps in schools — by guns that were brought on campus by teachers. For a certain segment of the pro-gun crowd, keeping students safe involves bringing in a component that actually raises their chances of getting hurt. It’s almost as if pushing for the arming of teachers is endorsing a form of pseudoscience.

Sure enough, our genius of a president loves this idea. But writer and veteran Jim Wright wants to know, who’s going to train these teachers?

How does one psychologically prepare a teacher to kill a child when the moment of truth comes?

Collateral damage is unavoidable.

Also, training armed teachers wouldn’t just be a one-time thing. Upkeep would be required.

If teachers are armed, what role is left for law enforcement?

What if the teacher fails?

Featured image via Pat Bagley/The Salt Lake Tribune

Sky Palma

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